For parents of MSM and other communities
Workshops and Lectures
The RULER Online Course
This course led by Kathy Minardi will teach you to acquire emotional intelligence skills.

"The ability to recognize, understand, label, express and
regulate our emotions is called "Emotional Intelligence."

It is a capacity that directly impacts being successful in life.
If we are skilled in emotional intelligence it will impact our capacity
to think clearly, to learn powerfully, and to interact positively
and productively in our interpersonal relationships.

Full course costs RUB 3000 (6 sessions).
Recordings of the Montessori Adult: a service to self, children and  humanity online conference
The conference and workshops took place on April 5-8, 2020. You can purchase the recordings.

This conference was held to support AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) initiative dedicated to celebrating
Maria Montessori's 150th Anniversary. For a full list of events please see
A course in parenting
Expecting a baby is a special time for every family. Drawing an analogy with the development of the child, we can say that in the life of parents-to-be there is a sensitive period for parenthood. We become especially sensitive to everything related to pregnancy, childbirth, babies and the "child" topic in general. We begin to notice how many pregnant women are around, or we intently begin to observe the children and parents we encounter. We make decisions about what kind of parents we want to be.

Valentina is a scholar of human development, a mother of an adolescent, and a Montessori Assistant to Infancy (AMI diploma). With background in consulting and leadership development, she offers coaching to Montessori school leaders and consults schools on management. She is trained in facilitating The Work of Byron Katie, has studied as an open dialogue practitioner and follows her interest in strengthening emotional intelligence skills in adults and children. Valentina holds university credentials in philology and linguistics.

This course includes materials available through AMI's Montessori Assistants to Infancy training, as well as other resources contributed by Valentina and our experts. The course can be easily adapted to the needs and capabilities of your family.
Careers of Montessori graduates
This is a fragment of a workshop presented by Peter Davidson as part of the conference Montessori adult: a service to self, children and humanity, which was held by Montessori School of Moscow in 2020 in partnership with Whole School Leadership. This report presented by Peter is based on personal testimonials of those who graduated from Montessori School of Beaverton, which he founded and led for many years. 71 persons took part in this research. Peter set for himself a goal to find out how Montessori education influenced the lives of students who has this experience. Please share this material with anyone who is interested in the Montessori method. You can also reach out to us to purchase conference recordings.