Middle School and Elementary
For children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 15 years
  • Svetlana Elmanova
    Elementary Program Lead Teacher
    • International Institute of Montessori Pedagogy, course 6-12
    • International Institute of Montessori Pedagogy, course 0-3
    • Moscow State Pedagogical University MSPU, Faculty of Mathematics
  • Mais AlKountar
    Middle School Lead Teacher
    • Montessori Institute in Prague - AMI for ages 12-18.
    • Belgorod National University - psychology and pedagogy.
    • International Montessori Partnership - Teaching English in a Montessori Environment;
    • TESOL/TEFL - teaching English as a foreign languag.
  • Greta Bagdoyan
    Assistant Teacher
    • Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, piano.
    • Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (now Moscow State University of Culture and Arts), majoring in Journalism, diploma with honour.
    • Moscow Pedagogical University. Lenin (MPGU). major in Education
  • Chadni Meem
    English Language Guide
    • Southern University Dhaka, economist
    • Michurin University, psychological pedagogy
    • Higher School of Economics, Economics and Philosophy
  • Alina Bulatitskaya
    English teacher in the Elementary program
    Russian State University for the Humanities at the Faculty of Public Relations
    Alina is fluent in English and she also studies Spanish.
  • Vladimir Gabrov
    Mathematics, Physics and Chinese Language Guide
    • Vladimir graduated from Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, specialisation in applied mathematics.
    • Vladimir has been teaching since 2004.
    • He lived and worked in Europe and China (2007-2011), and also worked as a Chinese translator in the investigative department of the Federal Drug Control Service.
    • In 2020 he took the training for teachers of middle school program for adolescents.
  • Lilia Litvinova
    Biology and Chemistry Guide
    In 2020 Lilia graduated from Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Medical Institute). Lilia has been with MSM since 2019 and she has been also teaching biology at Smart Camp and the School of Exact Sciences.
    Her hobbies are studying English, dancing, psychology.
  • Elena Medvedeva
    Mathematics and Laboratory Guide
    • MSGU - Department of Theoretical Informatics and Discrete Mathematics.
    • Art mathematics and aesthetic education of students.
    • Institute of Applied Psychology in the Social Sphere - art teacher
    • School of creativity - teaching right-brain drawing for children
    • Academy of Intellect Development - teaching speed reading, development of memory and attention.
    • Chalet studio - ceramist.
  • Sеrgеy Bаchinsky
    Russian Language and Literature Guide
    Literary Institute. M. Gorky, worked as a school teacher of the Russian language and literature for 7 years. During this time, the author's teaching methods and special courses for teenagers and adults were developed. Currently, Sergey conducts seminars for school teachers and a course for adults "Literary skill and literature".
    He has worked in the field of journalism for 20 years: in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television.
  • Tatiana Erofeenkova
    French Language Guide
    1992 - certified in teaching foreign languages via Berlitz method (with no foundation in native language)
    1988 - Moscow State Linguistic University/ The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages, department of French language, teacher of French and English languages
    1986 - internship at Sorbonne University (France)
  • Ilya Chistokhvalov
    Natural Sciences and 3D Modeling Guide
    • RCTU named after D.I. Mendeleev
    • Department of Education of Moscow, advanced training in the direction of "Robotics"
    • International Institute of Montessori Pedagogy in Moscow, "Montessori Pedagogy for Teenagers" under the direction of Samuel Rotker
  • Artem Klochkov
    Curator of History and Social Sciences
    • Faculty of History of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. New and Contemporary history of European and American countries;
    • Master's degree State University of Management. Management with a specialty in economic management in international business;
    • Speaks English and Spanish
  • Olga Nozdrina
    History Guide
    • State Academic University of the Humanities, diploma with honors
    • Innovative educational center for advanced training and retraining "My University"
    • National Research University "Higher School of Economics", master's program "Modern historical science in teaching history at school"
  • Nadezhda Knyazeva
    Art Studio Guide
    • Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Glazunov, tempera painting restorer
    • Diploma of the first degree of the International Biennale "Modern Watercolor", Crimea, Alushta
    • Yaroslavl Art College, artist-teacher
  • Yana Lyakhovich
    Physical Education Guide
    • Master of Sports of Russia in Taekwondo
    • Champion of Russia, International Taekwondo Tournaments
    • 10 years of work at World Class fitness center
    • President of the NGO "Center for the Development of Sports" Dojo Sport Club @dojosport, @ylyakhovich
    • Sports studio owner
    • Taekwondo trainer, fitness trainer (group and individual programs)
Casa dei Bambini
For children between the ages of 3 and 6 years
  • Chamalka Ranatunga
    Casa dei Bambini Lead Teacher
    • St. Bridget's Convent, Colombo - Montessori AMI (Sri Lanka).
    • British English Academy - English teacher.
    • Royal Institute - teaching English.
    • G.C.E. Art Stream.
    • Red Cross Society - first aid course.
  • Natalia Dyadyurko
    Casa Program Teacher, Psychologist, Speech Therapist
    • Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, Master in Psychology, Fundamentals of Child Psychotherapy, Modules of the ontogenesis replacement method. In-depth prevention and correction of speech development in childhood
    • Russian Montessori Institute, Russian language in Montessori class;
    • International Montessori Partnership, sensory integration
    • Authorized presenter of the course «How to talk so that children listen» according to the methods of A. Faber and E. Mazlish
    • Speech Therapist, St. Petersburg Institute of Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology named after B.D. Karvasarsky
    • Moscow Institute of Correctional Pedagogy «Defectology Prof», Speech and other cognitive functions from the position of applied neuropsychology: structure, brain mechanisms, disorders, diagnostics, correction
  • Natalia Goncharova
    • Armavir State Pedagogical University ("Psychology and social pedagogy");
    • FDPO "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education";
    • Natalya also has experience working in a correctional school.
Toddler Community and Parent Infant
For children under 3 years old
  • Irina Bukareva
    PI and Toddler Community Lead Teacher
    • The Higher School of The Montessori Method (AMI Training Center), Saint Petersburg, Russia - Assistant to Infancy Diploma
    • Russian Peoples Friendship University - Family Psychology
    • Institute for Counselling and Systemic Solutions: «Family therapy and client centered constellations»
  • Eleonora Lyudvik
    PI and Toddler Community Teacher
    • Loyola University, Master's Degree in Education, Baltimore, Maryland
    • Montessori Institute, AMI Diploma, 0-3, Denver, Colorado
    • Far East State Technical University, degree in State and Municipal Management (Manager)
    • Far East State Technical University, degree in Linguistics (English, second language Japanese)
  • Julia Gubaidullina
    PI and Toddler Community Teacher
    International Institute of Montessori Pedagogy:
    • Introduction to Montessori Pedagogy
    • Montessori Pedagogy from the Position of Neuropsychology and Genetics
    • Developmental psychology
    • Creativity at Toddlers
    • When 1+1=10
    • Playing in a Montessori group
  • Sofia Petrova
    • AMI Certificate "Early Childhood Assistant 0-3"
    • Diploma of NIIDPO "The use of pedagogy by M. Montessori in the independent activity of children of early and preschool age"
    • Higher education in medicine
    • Experience in the field of child psychoneurology
  • Valentina Nosenko (Zaytseva)
    • Interregional Public Organization "Society for the Inquiry of Thoughts", facilitator in the Work Byron Katie
    • The Higher School of The Montessori Method (AMI Training Center), Saint Petersburg, Russia - Assistant to Infancy Diploma
    • Montessori School Administration Course by Peter Davidson in Moscow, Russia
    • North American Montessori Teachers' Association, Whole School Montessori Management Course in San Diego, CA, USA
    • Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA - Master of Arts in French Literature
    • Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia - Master of Arts in French Linguistics/ Discourse Analysis (2000);
    • Bachelor of Arts in French and Roman Linguistics/ Minor in English
  • Eleonora Lyudvik
    Head of MSM
    • Loyola University, Master's Degree in Education, Baltimore, Maryland
    • Montessori Institute, AMI Diploma, 0-3, Denver, Colorado
    • Far East State Technical University, degree in State and Municipal Management (Manager)
    • Far East State Technical University, degree in Linguistics (English, second language Japanese)
  • Irina Paruleva
    Chief Financial Officer
    • Moscow Banking Institute, diploma with honors
    • State University of Management
    • Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov, diploma with honors
    • Humanitarian and Technical Institute
    • Russian University of Transport - spec. "Technospheric security"
  • Dmitry Skladnev
    Deputy Head of School for Administrative and Maintenance Issues
    • Electric and Fire Safety Course for Employees
    • Civil Defense and Emergency Specialist
    • Universal Institute of Innovative Technologies, Moscow
  • Denis Zaytsev
    • Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
    • Documentary Filmmakers School of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov;
    • Fachhochschule Köln.
  • Konstantin Nosenko
    • Health Management System. School of Dmitry Shamenkov, Online - open dialogue practice
    • Cognitive Psychology, The Work of Byron Katie - trained by Olga Berg
    • RPDS (Ryazan Orthodox Theological Seminary) Pastoral department, faculty of theology