Christmas Charity Bazaar
Montessori School of Moscow annually gathers parents and children on a holiday of warmth, creativity, joy and ... a miracle. Once upon a time, Sofia Georgakopulu and Yo Lupke, the mothers of MSM, started this amazing tradition. Caught up by other caring parents, who from year to year help in organizing this holiday, the tradition has grown into quite a large event. We always welcome guests and new friends!
However, this year we were (as well as many other people) in an unusual situation but we were able to adapt to it. This year we've changed the format of the Christmas Bazaar; only children participated in the event.
Nevertheless, we understood that this experience is very important for MSM families and it would not be fair to leave the parents behind. So we arranged the live broadcast of the Bazaar on YouTube.
And it worked!
Program of the bazaar:
An eventful concert program, creative workshops for children, a lottery with many prizes for children!
In 2020 we managed to raise 123.840 rubles!
MSM team is very grateful to all families, who take an active part in the organization of the event and to all who provide informative and financial support. We are so happy to gather every year in our cozy school space.
This year we will help
We also support:
Olga Kiryakova
Olga is 26 years old, the main diagnosis is the progressive muscular dystrophy of Erba-Roth. The disease began to manifest at 5 years, there was a gradual progression of muscle weakness. Olga turned to neurologists, geneticists in Tomsk and Moscow. Since 12 years old she has been moving using a wheelchair. I
Olga Kiryakova
In 2009, with the support of the charitable foundation "Ordinary Miracle", a corrective surgery was performed in Germany due to formation of scoliosis. In 2011, the weakness of the respiratory muscles appeared and Olga had to began to use the non-invasive ventilation device.

In 2016 Olga underwent an operation to remove the gallbladder, anesthesia provoked the development of the main diagnosis and deterioration of the respiratory system. To improve well-being, rehabilitation treatment is necessary.

Olga used to lead an active lifestyle, she used to be a head of her own socially inclusive project "English without Borders" for people with disabilities and a model of the "Special Fashion" project. She would also participate in city, regional and international exhibitions, various courses and seminars. Now she can only be in a lying or half-lying state: "If earlier I used the device of non-invasive ventilation of the lungs periodically, now I have become dependent on it. A whole year spent in bed. I really want to at least partially return to ordinary life - to walk, to communicate with people, to work, to attend events".

We asked Olga how her treatment was doing. She said that rehabilitation was going on. She is trying to sit more, which is quite a progress for her, since Olga spent a lot of time in a lying position. As part of the rehabilitation course, a special massage course was prescribed for Olga, the maintenance of which was possible thanks to the funds donated by you at our bazaar. Olga does not give up - she tries to actively spend time and is currently preparing the second season of inclusive courses for children with disabilities.
The Connection Foundation provides assistance to people with impaired hearing and vision throughout Russia. Deafness with blindness is a unique disease in which people have the greatest possible number of limitations of the main categories of vital activity.
One of the priority tasks of the foundation is the revival of innovative approaches to the medical and pedagogical rehabilitation of the deaf-blind. In 2017, the Foundation initiated the first two bionic-eye implantation operations. This made it possible for the first time in Russia to return sight to a totally blind person, which was previously considered impossible. The foundation needs your support so that the loss of sight and hearing does not become a sentence in our country.

On December, 16th at the 8th Christmas Charity Bazaar ceramics from the blind and deaf masters were presented. They were the fosterlings of the Connection Foundation. Yes! You read it right: the blind and deaf masters. They do not see or hear, but their hands create miracles.