Attention and Memory
A huge amount of information revolves around children. They receive it daily. They perceive, process, remember. Nowadays, when there is more and more information, one of the main tasks is to learn how to correctly and productively work with this information.

To memorize information faster and easier, you need to train memory and attention. To do this, various mnemonics were designed, which we will use in the classroom. You've probably met them. For example,you framed the formula with a marker. This helps our brain to focus on important information and remember it faster. We will work with visual, auditory, motor and complex memory, train attention and concentration, work with different types of thinking.

In the classroom, there is also space for reading and exercises to expand the field of vision when reading. We will get acquainted with different types of reading: semantic, search, speed reading, etc. This will be a good preparation for learning speed reading in the future.

In the classroom there will be a lot of game exercises and tasks, games with cards, finding differences, interesting team and individual tasks.
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