Thank you letter
Montessori School of Moscow
We thank everyone who joined
8th Christmas Charity Bazaar!
MSM team is very grateful to all families, sponsors and guests who took an active part in the event! Thank you for your contribution to the success of the Bazaar. This year we managed to raise more than 400 000 rubles!
We thank parents, friends and members of MSM staff for leading children's workshops. Big thanks to:

Tijana Vucak
Stella Garofeanu
Aigul Chalova
Dasa Celik
Antonina Feneva
Zara Grigoryan
Ekaterina Rodionova
Nadezhda Gorneva
Nadezhda Knyazeva
Irina Moiseykina
Elena Medvedeva
Olga Varaksina
Svetlana Elmanova
Gulnaz Saitgalina
Natalia Baranova
Big thanks to our partners, who brought their goods and handmade toys to sell at the Bazaar:

Usborne Books and Igor Nikonenko
Kids Stuff and Maxim Pigolev
Y-Stick and Ilya Tokarev
Buke Flowers and Maria Lurie
Dasha Street with her Baby Mobiles
Roman Degtev with his 3D-puzzles
Olga Panfilova with Amigurumi Toys
Tatiana Dmitrieva and Lavender Bar cosmetics
Natalia Yankina and Rozy&Kozy Flower shop

Special thanks to Alla who provided Face Painting for children!
Food Provided at the Bazaar
We thank Alena and Sergey Zhuravlev's, who provided the bazaar with delicious coffee and pastry!
We thank Zalina Temirukaeva for delicious fish and caviar. A special thanks goes to Zaira Kuyaeva for homemade bakery.
We thank everybody parents, members of MSM staff who brought food for our cafe and worked there, big thanks to:

Geraldine Gomez
Svetlana Burova
Aigul Chalova
Velga Rakovica
Sergey Kondrashin
Leila Khaybullina and Mikhail Gusev
Anna Chichagova
Nika Dyadyurko
Decor of the Bazaar
We would like to say that without Maria Lurie and Taisiya Pukhlyakova the Bazaar this year couldn't be as beautiful as it was! Putting their energy and creativity into projects of their own Maria and Taisiya agreed to help with the decoration of the Bazaar space. The space looked brilliant!
Thanks to Elena and Yoho Cube
The author of YohoCube project came personally and gave master-classes on what can be done with their construction kits.
Learn more about Yoho Cube
Elementary Projects
Children of our Elementary Program had their own products for sale, which they have been producing during the last two months! For children of this age it is very important to realise their interests. This Bazaar is a good chance for them to express themselves. Children prepared paintings for the auction, cookies, cupcakes, candle holders and other Christmas gifts!

Special thanks to Uliana Burova and Alexander Lyskov - MSM alumni who were selling products of their own and donated part of the proceeds.
Art Auction
We thank all the parents who brought paintings and also Igor Rakovic, Sergey Livshits and Denis Zaytsev for running the auction.

We thank:

Ekaterina Ryazantseva
Olesya Kuneyko and Sergey Zakharov
Nadezhda Knyazeva
Lina and Dmitry Shimanov
Oksana Bereznyak
Taisiya Pukhlyakova
Svetlana Burova
Andrey Kruykov and Sofia Zdanovskaya
Organisational help, lottery and financial support
Many parents helped in the organisation of the event. Some brought lottery prizes, some brought food and equipment for cafe, some helped financially. Big part of organisational funds was spared and of course, now is directed to charity.

We thank:

Ksenia Brodulenko and Oleg Barinov
Elena Pryadkina
Carolina and Timos Athanasiou
Dmitry Fedorov and Nina Reznikova
Taisiya Pukhlyakova
Victoria Pomokhaeva and Francois Gingueneau
Viktoria and Vladimir Shilkov
Mikhail Gusev and Leila Khaibulina
Anastasia Stolkova
Maria Kulagina
Tijana Vucak and Dusan Kaljevic
Francesca Bianucci and Benedetto Guintini
Wayne and Jelena Tranulis
Zaira Kuyaeva
Marina Amara
Nicolas Munoz and Flor Pena
Olesya Kuneyko and Sergey Zakharov
Tatiana Shevkunova

We also thank members of MSM staff and parents who helped in wardrobe, with tickets, before, during and after the Bazaar:

Pavel Kuchin and Alexandra Kuchina
Vadim Nyurmyaev
Rhoda Snyder
Svetlana Myadzel
Valentina Zaytseva
Sofia Zdanovskaya
Susanne and Dmitry Ostrovsky
Yulia Belotskaya
Polina Lukankina
Elena Medvedeva
Natalia Dyadyurko
Dmitry Lyudvik
Maria Lurie
Taisiya Pukhlyakova
Olga Varaksina
Natalia Baranova
Ksenia Kholmovskaya
Konstantin Nosenko
Dmitry Skladnev
Victoria Pomokhaeva and Maria Gingueneau
Nicolas Munoz and Flor Pena