Open Day March 17
Starost v Radost Foundation at MSM
Good afternoon!
Thank you for taking part in the Lesson of Kindness!
On April 29, the "Starost v Radost" Charity Foundation team conducted the Lessons of Kindness at Montessori School of Moscow, in which interactively told the children about the problems faced by lonely elderly people, ways of communicating with grandparents, and the possible support of those who are deprived of warmth and love of relatives.

The foundation's specialists were very happy to receive a live response from the children, who quickly imbued with the topic and immediately supported the the foundation's fosterlings - they gave their drawings to the grandparents and decided to continue to participate in the foundation's life!

The foundation's daily work aims to strengthen the connection between generations and below you can read about how you can participate in charity events during the May holidays!
What can you take part in the coming days?
Prepare gifts

Every year the foundation tries to please elderly people in social institutions with sweet (and not only) gifts by May, 9th. And every year these gifts give warmth to tens of thousands of grandparents all over the country. Soft sweets: sweets, pastila, marmalade, marshmallows, as well as diabetic sweets and diapers can be ordered or brought to the storage house at the address:

Smolenskaya embankment, 5/13, 1st entrance
(Sergey Pinega: +7 903 299 39 66)
We understand that not everyone has time to prepare gifts and take them to the storage house, especially it can be difficult in the bustle of May, that's why the foundation offers to do a good in less than a minute! It is possible to do on the site of the project "One day of happiness." On the project page you can find out how life of elderly houses is changing due to the help of ordinary people, a report on charity results is sent every month. Subscribe!

To be aware of all the news of the foundation, you can leave your email address to be able to receive only the most interesting letters - news from the life of the foundation and their grandmothers and grandfathers.