10 years
We want to thank everyone who contributed to the development of MSM, and those who have been working with the school for several years, revealing themselves and giving each day. We want to share this joy with everyone and tell about the people who helped Montessori School of Moscow
to grow over these ten years.
We are grateful to all the members of our team who have made a tangible contribution to the development of our community over the past 10 years. We are grateful to families and friends who helped us withstand the most difficult times and enthusiastically shared their time and skills.
    Casa dei Bambini Guide
    Curriculum Director (2012-2013) and Head of School
    Assistant (2009-2011)
    Parent Infant Guide (2012)
    School psychologist;
    Toddler Community and Parent Infant Guide
    Business Coordinator (2011)
    Casa dei Bambini Guide (2012—2013)
    Childbirth and Parenting program Guide,
    Toddler Community Guide, Parent Infant Guide
    General director of Grata Montessori School;
    Elementary program guide (MSM and Grata collaboration) (2014—2015)
Those people who have ever been part of MSM team or have been working till now are the people with great creative potential, people who were not afraid of difficulties and faced new challenges. Some of our team members found themselves in artistic occupations, some opened their own school, and some found themselves in pedagogy after encountering our school.
We thank:
Nina Mishanina
Mirella Desylla
Viktoria Metelskaya
Eva-Maria Moroz
Nadezhda Miklyaeva
Olga Yakovleva
Alexandra Khodakova
Anna Nesterova
Simona Nicolae
Natalia O'Sullivan
Vadim Syadro
We remember with warmth those parents and volunteers who contributed to the development of the project of our Annual Christmas Bazaar — Sofia Georgakopulu and Jo Lupke, Chashnikov family and Tranulis family.
We also thank those who entrusted MSM with their children at the very start — Harpoth, Puley and Matthews families.
We also thank our consultants and friends:
Susan Stephenson
Peter Davidson
Philip Harris
Georgette Soumi
Sergey Kondrashin
Susan supported us in the early years, when it was so important for us to make sure that we were moving in the right direction. Her arrival in the spring of 2010 as an AMI consultant laid the tradition of sponsoring AMI trainings for our employees.
Our acquaintance with Peter at the NAMTA course for Montessori school administrators in the summer of 2010 was the beginning of a real friendship. The annual seminars for administrators that Peter offered in Moscow from 2012 to 2015 gave strong support to many school principals and owners.
Sergey laid the foundation for the summer camp project on Lake Garda, and for many years he has been an integral part of the school’s fundamental events, providing invaluable support. Unfortunately, Sergey is no longer with us, but we keep warm and thankful memories of him and of our times together.
For 10 years since our inception in 2009, our school has been a practical laboratory for the development of AMI programs in Russia. Now that AMI is preparing to launch a certification program for the 12−15 age, we are starting to develop our own adolescent community.